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Horrible handiwork
buzzed, B&W
I got motivated today, and decided to finally get around to re-caulking part of my bathtub. I've put this off for quite a while, thinking it's a lost cause. Whoever originally installed the shower/tub did a piss-poor job. There's probably a good 3/4" gap between the enclosure and the rim of the tub, and there's no backing on the enclosure - in other words, if you push on the enclosure, it's flexible and it'll give upwards of an inch.

So, even if you can put down a good 3/4" bead of caulk (which is ridiculous), over time, the flex in the enclosure is going to cause a gap to form between the caulk and the tub, or the caulk and the enclosure. Then, you get trapped water, which leads to mildew and rotting . . . bleh . . . talk about shoddy work.