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Are you kidding me?

We got new machines at work maybe 18 months ago. They're pretty decent - Dell GX280s. I forget the exact specs, but I think they're around 3 GHz with a gig of ram. Anyway, of the four we've had in our office, two of them had to have their motherboards replaced - my guess would be that we were victims of the bad capacitor issues that Dell had. (We'll ignore the fact that the two machines that had to have their motherboards replaced were the ones that I used as a Leader, and the one that I currently use in my staff role.)

Anyway, I get into work this morning, and I'm going through my morning routine when there's a sudden POP!, and then the screen goes blank. I try toggling the power, and no luck, and I'm guessing the power supply croaked on me.

They took away my computer, and are probably going to order a new power supply, and I should have it back maybe tomorrow. Yea for hardware failures . . .
Tags: dell, gx 280, work

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