hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Seattle Trip

So, Friday morning, Christine and I drove out to Seattle to visit Mel . . .

Christine and I stopped in Coeur D'Alene on the way out, had some Subway, before getting into Seattle in time for dinner with Mel. We ate at Tawon Thai, where I had some decent green curry. We ended up getting dessert at Cold Stone (which I'd never had before, even though people have raved about it to me - I wasn't that impressed). We didn't do much else that evening.

On an aside, I did a bad job of telling people I was leaving. As I got a call Friday night from Sarah asking if I wanted to grab a bite and a call from Stacy asking if I'd be at her housewarming on Saturday. Justin knew that I was leaving, but still called on Saturday night, though I missed the call, and there was no voice mail, so maybe he remembered after I didn't answer . . .

Saturday, Mel made some eggs and bagels, before we caught the bus and headed downtown. We walked around the market, before we stopped at Elliot's, mainly since I wanted some oysters, before we took Argosy Cruise's Harbor cruise around Elliot Bay. Afterwards, stopped at Banana Republic, where I picked up two shirts on sale. (They're long sleeve crew, which I already owned one of, but I got two others in different colors.) We headed back into town, where we had dinner at Chinoise Cafe. As seems to be the trend when I'm at a sushi place in a big city, I splurged. I ended up getting some mediocre tempura and remarkably good chirashi, setting me back a good $40 or so. We ended the evening renting two videos. We first watched Broken Flowers, and then we watched 24 Hours on Craigslist. Both have their merits, though neither was amazing.

Sunday Christine and I walked on down to Icon Coffee, where we had a lazy Sunday morning, while Mel gave a piano lesson. We then met up with Mel, got some pho at Pho Than Brother's (which reminds me how much I love good noodles), got some cupcakes at this crazy place called Cupcake Royale. This place serves primarily cupcakes (for $2 each), with the motto Legalize Frostitution. We went from there to some beach, where we laid out and chatted for a few hours, before going to another park and walking around a little lake. Dinner that evening was at some Guadalajara. It was nice to have some Mexican, though this wasn't anything amazing. Afterwords, we stopped at Nay's and had cocktails, before heading back to Mel's for a quiet evening in playing Scrabble.

This morning, we got up, had some breakfast with Mel and drove back. We stopped in Coeur D'Alene, this time visiting Val (Christine's sister) who we met at the Pita Pit.

So, in case you didn't notice, the crux of the trip seemed to be eating, which was totally fine with me. I truly enjoy food, and the options are somewhat limited in Helena, so getting to have Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Mexican, cupcakes, etc was great. I probably spent close to $200 on the trip (figuring in gas, food, etc), but my stomach hasn't been this happy in a while, not to mention quality time with Mel and Christine.

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