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Silly ads
buzzed, B&W
So, I'm sure most of you have seen that anti-marijuana commercial which goes "In a roadside study, one in three reckless drivers who were tested for drugs tested positive for marijuana. It’s more harmful than we all thought." I did a google search for "'in a roadside study' marijuana" , and it seems my skepticism is rather common.

Both of those blogs analyze the campaign, and think the study they're referring to is this one from the New England Journal of Medicine. The major flaw I see in the whole 1 in 3 thing is that they only tested the reckless drivers who hadn't tested positive for alcohol. In others, this is 1 in 3 of a subset of reckless drivers, not 1 in 3 of all reckless drivers. Stupid manipulation of stastics. Though, the ads are very effective as this student points out.


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