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Soccer and the ankle

So, I started playing soccer again last week. I had a doctor's appointment on the 2nd, where he took some x-rays, checked out my range of motion, etc, and said that I could probably start kicking a ball around again, and even play, as long as I take it easy.

The next day was soccer, so I went out there, thinking I'd test it out. I ended up playing the whole game, no real pain, though I don't think my style of play is what the doc was expecting when he told me to take it easy.

I played again last night, and even scored 2 goals. Which surprisingly ties me with Andrei and Frekkie for goals, and is double what I scored last season.

I keep thinking that I'm slower than I used to be, but maybe that's just my excuse for thinking I was a better player. I really noticed it last night going down the side, and trying to turn the corner. I seem to remember being able to accelerate and turn the corner around most defenders in our league, but the two times I tried that last night, I wasn't able to make it around, and I just felt like things were going in slow motion. Mary (our league president who probably refs a good 80% of the games) does think I've lost half a step, so maybe I'm not crazy.

The other thing that's off is my touch. I took a corner kick last night, and while the line was good, it definitely didn't have the intended loft. This seemed to repeat several times throughout the evening, as I could lob balls where I wanted, which is a bit painful, as while I don't think that's how others would describe my strengths, I would consider it one of my fortes.

Ah well, guess I'll have to start running sprints and intervals and stuff to build that strength/speed back up . . .

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