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Silly blocks
buzzed, B&W
So, I'm at the laundromat I usually go to, and I'm remembering why I tend not to use their wireless. (I thought I had written about this before, but I couldn't find any post.) They use a product call DansGuardian, that appears to be built on Squid. I'd provide links, but when I try to use Google to search for dansguardian or squid, I get an error page saying "Banned combination phrase found." Hmm . . . it seems I can't search for anything actually . . . looks like someone screwed up the config, probably trying to secure things a bit, but then getting carried away.

Apparently, the filter is blocking lots of ports as well, as I can't SSH to my home server, check POP (and SSL POP) accounts, connect with various instant messaging servers, etc.

I also got blocked when I tried to download a Word document from my Hotmail account (apparently .doc files are verboten). So much for being productive while doing some laundry . . .