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I really like student perspectives . . .
buzzed, B&W
While I like to think that I'm pretty in tap with youth, and youth culture, it's always interesting to read student essays. This one titled Why Ninth Grade Matters – a Student’s View is well written with the voice of youth.

It's written by a guy who realized he wasn't going to graduate half way through his senior year, and he's now recognizing that blowing off stuff freshman year wasn't the best idea. He realizes that in the end, they were all decisions he made, but wonders why he slipped through the system. Why didn't the school do something about the student who was failing - "I used to think about this when I would be riding the bus home after second period. Does the school even KNOW that I cut out? Do they care? I knew that I would keep on doing what I was doing until somebody stepped in and stopped me."

He goes on to describe how once he transferred to another school, and how it was eye opening to get called out on it - "WHOA! Never before had any school cared so much about why I had cut class."

The guy ends up taking the California High School Proficiency Exam instead of graduating.

Biggest takeaway? The personal attention matters - students tend to get lost in the system, and sometimes, all it takes is a simple reality check. Not just a detention or something, but really pointing out the consequences . . .