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Data driven
buzzed, B&W
Earlier this week, I wrote a draft of a letter that was going to go out of our office to coalitions across the state. My supervisor had made some changes to the letter, and she was all apologetic when giving me the criticism. This sort of made me laugh, as I remembered during my VISTA Leader interview the question was asked along the lines of how you handle feedback/changes/etc, and I responded that I loved it, that the criticism helps me, and I realize that I don't see all the angles . . .

Of course, she was just doing what we teach to our members when giving feedback. We teach a feedback cycle that involves starting with a positive, then giving constructive criticism, and ending on a positive note. Pretty standard stuff, but it still makes me laugh.

I'm much more like Werner Vogels, wanting solid data to support things. I truly like criticism, but make sure you can back it up with data, even anecdotal, and not just "but it makes me happy!"