hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

HIV Vaccines

So on my way into work today, they were talking about AIDS and they gave the stat that 20% of Americans believe that there is an HIV vaccine but the government is keeping it hidden. 20%?!? What the hell? We're talking about a disease that has, as far as I know, a 100% fatality rate and is wiping out the African continent. Granted, I generally support the US government as a whole, since it provides me with an excellent standard of living, along with significant personal freedoms, so maybe I'm biased, but 1 out of 5 Americans think we have a vaccine? Tell me, why would we keep such a thing hidden? I wonder if they think we have a cure for cancer, the miracle of longevity, and genetic engineering down pat.

On the other hand, one might argue that this is a positive reflection, saying Americans think our scientists are smart enough to have a preventetive measure for HIV, while the rest of the world doesn't. (Or maybe the rest of the world is keeping it secret too!) *sigh*

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