August 12th, 2015

buzzed, B&W

On job hunting

For those who don't know, I relocated to Portland a few months back. I planned on taking some time off and being selective in my job search. Some lessons learned so far:

  • My resume appears solid - of the four positions I've applied for:

    • Position 1 - medium sized start-up (~100 employees). Didn't make it past the first interview with HR. Whoops.

    • Position 2- never heard back from them. Job posting was good the day after I applied, so I'm guessing they had a candidate in mind.

    • Position 3 - 2nd interview, but no technical skills test. I was surprised I made it that far as my background was not a good fit for the position.

    • Position 4 - currently waiting to hear back after a skills test. Was a crash course into Angular and Protractor

  • Employers really want agile experience
  • - this looks like what sunk me on Position 3. The HR/recruiter mentioned that as a medium size startup, they were transitioning from the small team where everyone wore a lot of hats, to much more specific, focused types. In this case, they were really looking for someone who really had agile experience. Reading between the lines, I'd guess they had a young team that wasn't functioning well and wanted someone to really help guide the team through their sprints and what not. When they asked about my agile experience, I was pretty honest and said something like "Well, the last company I was at claimed to be doing agile, but really it was condensed waterfall . . . "

    Probably need to frame that a little better, something along the lines of a company transitioning from waterfall to agile, working on some teams that were agile, etc, and how working on non-functioning agile teams actually provides me with a solid (albeit theoretical) view of agile

    I'm surprised by how many postings say they want experience with this. Maybe it's my lack of inexperience, but this seems like asking for people who have experience working in an office, working with teams, etc. If you can't get a a team member up to speed on process, something sounds like it's broken?

  • Turn around times are all over the place - Position 1 took 3 weeks to get back, while 3 and 4 responded within days.

In any case, I'm still being selective - looking for small to medium size companies that value testing, and ideally understand the intersection between automation and manual testing . . .