June 30th, 2011

buzzed, B&W

Procrastinated Postings, #1

I'm sitting at Bibo's Record Street location, with the goal to write two blog entries for this month. My original plan was to go to the Hub, but apparently they close at 7 on Thursdays. So, instead I'm here, writing without the benefit of wifi. It makes me feel a bit naked, as when I usually blog, I try to hyperlink copiously, as I feel that one should when blogging. It's an online medium, take advantage of it . . .

I'm actually not sure what to write about, so this will probably be a bit rambling, and hopefully while babbling, I'll come up with enough thoughts/ideas for a second entry.

I did remember I forgot to mention that I got to fly first class when coming back from Knoxville. Granted, it was a short flight, from Denver to Reno, but it was my first time flying first class - got a free upgrade as I somehow flew enough last year to earn Premier status. I don't know, maybe both my Hong Kong and Tokyo flights last year were on United?

In any case, the extra leg room and space were nice, as was a real snack/meal (curry chicken wrap). On the other hand, I was much too tired to really appreciate it, and was asleep for 90% of the flight.

My brother invited me to Google+ (and posted "ernie was sad I didn't send him a CR-48, so I made sure to invite him to Google+"). While I appreciate the invite, I think the netbook would have been nicer, and I could have waited longer for Google+. ;) While there's been a limited number of invites people have made, I haven't seen any in my account. Not sure how they're doling out the invites - if they just activate them for awhile, if it's based on usage, or something else. In any case, it's made me ponder a bit about the nature of invites - I remember when gmail was starting up, and the invites were hot tickets, everyone wanting one. I even remember bugging my brother for one (which he hooked me up with), but I think the main reason I wanted to be an early adopter was to get in early on the namespace. Ideally, I would have wanted ernie@gmail.com, but that was taken long before I got there. Fortunately, I was able to get ernie.@gmail.com, so that's not bad. Of course, thanks to my brother, I was able to get @ernie . . .

As for Google+, it's interesting thus far. Interface seemed a bit awkward at first, but the more I use it, the more I come to appreciate the little touches and nuances that make it work. It doesn't have the critical mass of friends on it yet to make it a priority for me to check, but that could easily change. The circles feature seems slick, and it looks like it will make privacy much more customizable than Facebook - as far as I can tell, it's basically tagging, and you can choose which of your tags can see which of your stream posts. The major lacking feature thus far would seem to be Farmville. ;) No, in seriousness, the main thing that would help me would be better aggregation. While many tools allow for easy cross posting, Google+ obviously doesn't have much third party support, and it doesn't seem to pull content from non-Google sources very well. I saw an interesting comment that this may really drive Picasa traffic.
buzzed, B&W

Procrastinated Posting, #2

So I finally got a bike - an older Specialized Langster. A little bit small (50 cm), but it's been fun. It's got a flip-hub, and was single-speed when I picked it up. I flipped it to fixie a few days ago, and while it's been a bit strange, I think I can see the appeal. It definitely made me feel my quads the first day, which was a good soreness to have. I'll probably flip it back to a single in the next few days, as I'm not looking to learn how to skid stop. Being back in the saddle has really made me want to get another road bike though - I've seen a few on Craigslist, and responded, but haven't heard anything back. It's hard to find a decent road bike - my main criteria at this point are integrated brake/shifters and a 54cm frame. I've been trying to hold out on buying a bike at full price, but may need to bite the bullet and go check out some of the retaillers to see what's out there. I've had some online recommendations as well, but I'm not sure about buying a bike w/o trying it out first. It's okay for the single-speed, as that's mainly going to be a bar bike for me (if I end up really liking single-speed, I'll probably sell it and get one that fits better), but for a road bike, I want something that's a better fit. I'm not a hard-core cyclist, but I could definitely see myself getting more into it, and taking longer and longer rides.

I know I meant to convert my old hybrid to a commuter, but I never actually did. The rear wheel was all out of whack, so I went to the Reno Bike Project, and got it mainly back in line, as well as replacing the old tire, but I only did that two weeks ago. Never did pull the trigger on getting a rack and bags for it, though that's still mildly appealing. The part that's really holding me back is that the gearing on it is just so low. I don't see how people ride these commuter bikes with such low gearing and wide tires . . . I feel like I'm doing tons of work, and not getting much for it . . .