January 10th, 2011

buzzed, B&W

A belated happy new year . . .

2011. The year of the rabbit. MMXI.

Quick recap of last year would involve an excellent relationship, getting laid off, finding a great new job, trip to Hong Kong and a trip to Tokyo.

I always like making resolutions, though I'm horrible at keeping them. Last year I succesfully gave up my sins for a month.

On the other hand, I had side goals of not driving for a month, to stop using the phrase "I'm too old for this", going to Japan, and completing my secret project (the flickr and facial hair ones weren't so serious). I failed completely on not driving for a month and the secret project, though I did go to Japan and stopped using "I'm too old for this".

The goals I'm going to set for this year are:
  • Not driving for a month

  • Writing at least twice a month to my livejournal and at least once a month to Yelp

  • get a new laptop - I just bought a Lenovo X100e to act as a secondary machine, but I need to replace my 5 year old Dell 700m that tends to overheat and shut down randomly now

Not sure about the secret project, though I'd still love to do it.

One other thing I should consider is buying a house . . .