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Are proms decadent?
buzzed, B&W
It's prom time for high school students. It's kind of interesting that these two Long Island high schools have really scaled back their proms.

I wonder whether this will work. These are private school principals in Long Island. (Tuition at one of the schools is $6,025 annually, more than tuition for a lot of state colleges.) I'm imagining these are some pretty affluent kids, with Beamers. Mercedes, and large SUVs probably pretty common place among the students. Dropping $1,000 or so for prom for some of these families is probably not a big deal. Is it decadent? Probably so, but obviously there's parental help if students are putting down $10,000 for a party house in the Hamptons. So in other words, it's not necessarily the students themselves, but society - it's all about status for these families.

Oh, apparently I was right about the kids and their cars:
Chris Laine, a senior from Rockville Centre, said the cancellation was “unfortunate, but you can’t really argue with the facts they present. ... It’s just what it’s evolved into. It’s not what it was 20, 30 or 40 years ago. It’s turned into something it wasn’t originally intended to be.”

Besides, Laine noted, the senior class still has a four-day trip to Disney World scheduled for April.

“We go to all the parks with our friends,” he said just before hopping into his jet-black Infiniti and driving off to meet friends for an after-school snack. “We fly down together and stay in the same hotel and so it’s not like we’re totally losing everything.”

I'm reminded of a story my step-mother told me about a family friend in Chicago, whose daughter's friends were spending $1,000 each to get a limo for prom or graduation or something.