November 6th, 2010

buzzed, B&W

Reel Big Fish in Reno

I went to the Reel Big Fish show last night at the Knitting Factory. I think it's now at least 8 times that I've seen them (I saw them in Sparks a few years ago, and last night, and I might be missing a show or two in there?).

Solid performance by both the ever campy Suburban Legends and the RBF.

I had heard the Knitting Factory had local bands come in as openers. The first band up was called TKO (Thursday Knights Out), and as they walked onto stage, I was thinking it was just a bunch of meatheads. When they started playing though, they had a decent sound, and I heart pop punk, so double-plus for them. I would definitely considering seeing them again and they've got a show on the 15th at the Underground, which is sort of tempting.

I didn't get the second openers name, but they were questionable at best. They actually had a really good sax player (bari and alto), and a solid trumpet. They were a Tahoe area rock / jam band, and the Knitting Factory actually cut their act off as they were running so long.

I was pretty impressed with the venue - pretty small and intimate and a nice upstairs balcony.