November 29th, 2009

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Helena was amazing, as always.  Good food, great friends, and fun times.  On the other hand, my body is going to hate me next week, and my liver will need some time to recuperate.

It was pointed out to me this morning that Sarah and I were the only ones who went out (and stayed out) each of the last four nights.  It seems that wisdom does not come with age . . .

Fortunately, I did make it up Mount Helena twice while I was in town.  I miss the convenience of being able to rage the night before, and then go and hike up the hill the next day.  It'll be interesting to see what Mount Helena looks like once they thin out the trees.  Since moving to Reno, I definitely don't hike anywhere near as much as when I could walk out my door, and do a nice 3 or 4 mile hike after work.  The first time we went up, we took the Prospector Shafts trail to the Hogback, and the 1906 down, which ends up being 3.4 miles or so.  When we went yesterday, we took the Powerline trail, which is much steeper.  I wish I knew the actual distance / slope, but I would guess maybe 3/4 of a mile with a 700 foot climb or so.  Of course, the humbling part of both hikes was that I was sucking wind.  I used to be pretty confident hiking Mount Helena, and in fact remember catching up with people that I wanted to walk with that had head starts on me because I got tied up at work.  Instead, I was the one that was dragging, and people had to wait for me.  Quite the change from the past, when I feel I used to be the guy who would be pushing hard, near the front of any group. 

My calves were also screaming at me both days, most likely due to when I thought it'd be a good idea to stick a bike sprocket into my right calf.  I've been taking it easy on the calf, but these hikes have pointed out that I definitely need to start doing some functional or strength training to build the right calf back up.  The left calf was also weak, and I'm going to guess atrophy from avoiding activities that use my calves.

A little disappointed that I didn't make it to No Sweat Cafe while I was in town, but I sort of ran out of time.  Was thinking I'd go this morning, but for some reason we had to close down Miller's, and then late night conversation till 3 in the morning sort of sunk those plans.

I'm slightly concerned that the group was talking about a summer reunion, as opposed to just Thanksgiving . . . I'm tired enough from the holiday weekend, I'm not sure I can do this twice a year . . .

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