November 25th, 2009

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5 more entries to go . . .

As predicted, these last few entries have definitely been easier to write than those in the middle of the month.  I'm writing this one more as a novelty than anything else, as I'm using the in-flight wifi (eBay as I'm halfway between Reno and Salt Lake City and at 39000 feet, moving at a ground speed of 514 mph, with an outside air temperature of -83 degrees Fahrenheit (brrr!).  eBay is currently providing the service for free.  Speeds aren't too bad, but nothing to write home about (877 kbps down, 313 kbps up).

Anyway, I'm a little surprised I'm not asleep, as that tends to be my M.O. when I travel - stay up way too late the night before, and then sleep on the flight.  Last night I went to bed a little before 2 AM, and was out the door at 5:30 AM.  (I was up late last night, but took it easy, so no getting sick on the plane . . . )  I'm sure I'll be crashing soon, probably during my layover in SLC, and / or on the short flight to Helena. 

One more thing I rememembered wanting to do that I didn't put on my list yesterday is hanging out at the Fire Tower coffee house.  I used to hang out here a lot, and just geek out on the laptop while sipping on some hot tea.  Good introvert time.

The one concern I do have about the next 5 entries though, is finding the time to post.  I'm squeezing today's in on the plane, since I'm guessing I'll be at Miller's this evening, and may not have time to post.  Turkey Day will be busy (and Justin better have found a car to get him to Helena).  Not sure about the other three days . . . I brought the work BlackBerry with me, which I can tether to the laptop, so lack of internet won't be an option for not posting.

Anyway,  descending into Salt Lake, so signing off . . . here's to finishing out NaBloPoo strong!
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buzzed, B&W


Wow, this weekend is going to kick my butt.  Already feeling a bit tired from all the social interactions . . . checked in with my old supervisor, chatted with Sarah, and a surprise conversation with Emily, and less than 4 hours in Helena.

Factor in alcohol, a 5k, turkey, etc . . . ack!

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