August 26th, 2009

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Geographic Preferences?

I have an account on the site OKCupid, which is a matchmaking site of sorts, though it's interesting in that it has lots of quizzes and things that they use to calculate your best match. I actually joined the site at first due to some of the tests and quizzes. Anyway, they do some interesting things with all the data they collect, and the latest was where they calculated likely matches based on geographic areas.

No real surprises here.

Here's the data in numerical form:

Your Worst States
Alabama — 65.5
Arkansas — 65.9
Oklahoma — 65.9
West Virginia — 66.3
Mississippi — 66.4
Your Best States
Massachusetts — 74.6
Oregon — 73.8
Vermont — 73.7
Washington — 73.1
Rhode Island — 73.0

No real surprise that my matches tend to be in liberal New England and the West Coast. The strength of Indiana, Wisconsin, and Minnesota are slightly surprising though.

A Map of Love: your best female matches by country
target: World | sampled: 17296

Your Worst Countries
Indonesia — 56.0
Egypt — 57.4
Ukraine — 58.8
Philippines — 58.8
Malaysia — 60.6
Your Best Countries
South Korea — 77.7
Japan — 75.9
Iceland — 75.9
Switzerland — 75.6
Finland — 75.0

The international is kind of interesting, with the strength of South Korea (the motherland) and Japan. Who would have thought that OKCupid users in those countries would match well with me?