July 15th, 2009

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Whoa, getting an add for "mature dating" on facebook. I'm not old,
just 30! *sighs* (and yes, I'm being super-productive today before I leave
town for a few . . . )
buzzed, B&W


It's kind of silly how excited I am about going back to Ohio tomorrow. I'm going to a wedding on Saturday (and a rehearsal picnic Friday evening) that's In Indianapolis, about 60 miles west of the Dayton area. So, I decided to take a red-eye flight, get into town Thursday, and kill some time. Things I'm excited about:
  • Seeing Tim, my old college roommate in Columbus

  • Waffle House (Troy)

  • Skyline Chili (Hopefully Cinci, but I may have to settle for a franchise location)

  • Seeing Ron, my old high school math teacher (who's now the principal!)

  • Nightsky Coffee House (Troy)

A little surprised that I'm excited about all this, considering I'll be operating on maybe 3-4 hours of sleep, and it's going to involve 3-4 hours of driving tomorrow. If I'm lucky, I'll also get to squeeze in:
  • Seeing Jacqui, a friend of mine from SD who's going to be in Indianapolis for a conference

  • Seeing Everett, my step-brother (Columbus)

  • Seeing Dave (college friend, Cinci)
Of course, totally stoked about the wedding, and seeing all my friends, but the side trips should be awesome as well.