January 25th, 2009

buzzed, B&W

Resolutions, week 3: Failure

This week was a failure with regards to my resolutions. I also realized, I've been mistracking my resolutions, with my goal being to eat 9 meals a week prepared at home. Instead, I've been tracking the opposite, how many meals I eat out. Not quite the same.
  1. Anyway, with regards to eating out, I think I ate out 5 times, and spent $60 bucks. (Vietnamese 3 times, and sushi once.)

  2. I think I only had 5 home prepared meals - several of my lunches this week were at work, provided during the training I was doing much of the facilitation for

  3. Only made it to the gym once. *sigh*

  4. Read a whopping 19 pages
So bad. I think I'm writing off last week, and extending my resolutions for another week . . .