January 18th, 2009

buzzed, B&W

Speakers stopped working . . .

The speakers on my 700m have stopped working . . . or only work sporadically. The problem is the same as this guy, where it seems like a wire is a bit iffy. Depending on how far I have the monitor open, I can get the contacts to touch, and get audio.

Fortunately, I still have support on this machine, so I'll be placing a call, and hopefully getting it repaired.
buzzed, B&W

Resolutions, week 2

About the same as last week:

I spent just under $50 this week eating out, with two meals at King Taco and once at Hiroba for sushi. I should be able to expense the sushi for work . . .

Missed the gym goal again, and only went twice, and read 80 pages . . .

Not too bad considering I made a last minute trip to San Francisco for work.