April 15th, 2008

buzzed, B&W

Freaky Weather

So, this weekend was unusually warm, getting into the 80s.

Yesterday brought ridiculously high winds, causing some power outages, broken limbs off of trees, and snow. That's right, after the 80 degree weather, we had a dusting of snow covering the ground this morning.

buzzed, B&W

So much for those headphones . . .

While I had been raving previously about how much I loved the Nike Flight headphones, my opinion of them has soured in the last hour.

I was at the gym, doing an easy four miles, when I felt a bit of sweat in my ear, and about 20 seconds later, no more sound. In other words, it appears that my headphones shorted out. Ridiculous for headphones that are less than 30 days old, and are supposedly designed for sports. Here's the email I just sent Nike:
I've owned three pairs of the Nike Flight Headphones. In fact, several years ago, when I thought they were no longer being manufactured, I bought two pairs so I could replace the pair that had lasted me a year. (http://hairylunch.livejournal.com/186462.html)

The second pair I bought were fantastic, and lasted me two years, including over 200+ miles running. Unfortunately, that particular pair shorted out on me a few weeks ago, and I was on to my last pair. (http://hairylunch.livejournal.com/278809.html)

This last pair has been rather disappointing, as they appear to have shorted out on me in less than 30 days of use. I find it highly disappointing that headphones "designed specifically for running and training" would short out so easily with some minor sweat.

While I was at first excited to see that these headphones were again available, and had planned on buying several to have extras again, it is dubious I will do so with the short life and poor build of the product.

Ernie Chang
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While I'm dubious as to the large corporation responding to Joe Schmoe, I did feel I needed to get this off my chest . . .

The question now is what headphones do I get? I'm leaning towards the Sennheiser PMX70 Sport as they're supposedly moisture resistant and feature the behind the neck design I like, plus they're Sennheisers, so probably have fantastic audio quality. On the other hand, they're pretty spendy, with an MSRP of $55, and a street price around $45, which is way out of my price range right now . . .