April 13th, 2008

buzzed, B&W

Induction Charging

Man, I wish induction charging was a viable, mainstream standard. I could then cover a whole table with a large pad, and not have to worry about plugging/unplugging devices. WildCharge seems to have a decent product, though as there is no standard, it requires you to have an adapter on your device. Not ideal for me, since I like my devices to be slim and thin (hence why I use Invisible Shield and GelaSkins, as opposed to hard cases on my high-end devices).

In a broader sense, the applications are pretty far reaching . . . hotels could have little pads so people wouldn't have to worry about bringing their cell phone and other device chargers, coffee shops could have pads on workspaces instead of having people searching for outlets, conference rooms at work, etc. For the home, I'm in the habit of throwing all my stuff on one table, so they could just charge, rather than my having to remember to plug them in.

Oh, to be able to work without wires . . .
buzzed, B&W


A friend of mine mentioned to me recently that she was shocked that the average amount spent by a family of four on groceries was $520 dollars a month. I mentioned that works out to $130 a month, and it didn't seem like that much to me.

Anyway, since I'm bored, I pulled up Quicken and looked at the numbers. Over the last year, I've averaged just under $200/month on groceries. Add in the $250 a month I spend on "dining" and I'm pretty close to a family of four, all by myself.

Wowsers. I've always joked that I'm eating myself out of house and home, since I know I enjoy food, and tend to splurge on it, but who'd have thought?