March 9th, 2008

buzzed, B&W

Wireless USB

So, wireless USB has been in the works for quite a long while. The working group was formed back in '04, the spec completed in '05, demoed in '06, and finally commercialized last year.

To me, the wireless USB hubs are pretty compelling, in that I could set the hub up on a desk, and dock my iPhone, iPod, external hard drive, etc, and access it from elsewhere in the apartment, without having to drag around a mess of cables and things with my laptop. The wikipedia article even mentions how there's a chip for laptop integration, meaning future laptops may have it built in, and not require the dongle I would need with my current machine.

I really do hope the solution takes off - I'm not ready to pay close to $200 for the convenience this would provide, but I could see paying half of that . . .
buzzed, B&W

I need a helmet

One thing that was driven home yesterday while at Northstar was my need for a helmet. As we get into spring, the snow is soft and/or icy, and while terrible for tree runs or hitting the steep stuff, it's good for park and working on riding switch. I've stayed out of the park because I don't have a helmet. (I'd like to say my current lack of health insurance is another reason, but I'm not that responsible . . . )

Anyway, I've been taking random jumps, and yesterday I had a great jump that I didn't quite land - came down regular, ended up spinning around to switch and thought I was going to save it, but end up biting it in the end and doing a Superman impersonation for a few feet. Anyway, luckily I didn't hit my head, but my right arm is pretty sore . . . not exactly sure how I tweaked it . . .

And here's to hoping that past years' trends continue and March is the snowiest month of the year!