January 20th, 2008

buzzed, B&W

Wow, cluster . . .

Was just chatting with a friend of mine, who's a Republican. I hadn't paid much attention to anything besides the results, but there's a lot of disheartening stuff out there. Seems like the GOP hadn't planned well for this process at all . . . That last blog is just painful. No precinct captain, so the guy steps in, with absolutely no training, does the best he can, and the end result? "The end result; our precinct has no delegates, so I suppose our "vote" will not count." Tragic.

This is really sad to read. With such incredible turnout, this was a great opportunity to get people excited about the process, but instead it sounds like many were disappointed.

I thought the caucus I went to was reasonably well run, but it sounds like the GOP didn't plan accordingly. And apparently, this wasn't unknown . . . Ron Paul pointed this out, but too late to make a difference it seems . . . so sad. I'm really upset that people walked away from this disenfranchised. :(