January 19th, 2008

buzzed, B&W


I just got done participating in my caucus. Interesting experience, and one that definitely makes me feel more involved in the democratic process. Democratic results are being called in as I type (Hillary is edging out Obama with 50.5% vs 45.2%), and with about 1/3 of the precincts reporting for the GOP, looks like Romney's got 54% with Ron Paul tied with McCain in second with 13%. Crazy how far ahead Romney is, and how the results are so different from early states. An impressive showing for Dr. Paul!

Nevada's been described as the first test in the West for the candidates, and the results are showing that the west really is different. Ron Paul with an impressive showing, and Edwards coming up much weaker than he has in either Iowa or New Hampshire (30% and 17% respectively, with only 4% in NV).

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buzzed, B&W


Hmm, the results are interesting thus far . . . while Hilary has "won" Nevada, here in Washoe county (Reno area, about 16% of the state's population), Obama carried 50%, with Clinton garnering 41%. Yet, in Clark county (Las Vegas area, about 71% of the state's population), Clinton had 55% while Obama had 43%. In fact, Obama appears to have one in 11 counties, verses Clinton's 6. Just shows how important the Las Vegas area is . . .