August 22nd, 2007

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Brand Loyalty

It's amazing how much first impressions count. As a treat to myself before I ran my half marathon, I bought myself some sunglasses. I'd always talked about owning a pair of polarized sunglasses, and spending 2.5 hours in the sun running seemed like a good excuse to get some. I ended up with the Native Dash SS, purchased from REI during a sale for around $100 (usually $130). I'd never owned a pair of such expensive sunglasses, and I was surprised by how much of a difference the lens made. Unfortunately, I lost them while rafting a few weeks ago. I'd held out for a while, but had the Dash XRs on sale for $103.96, so I caved and bought them.

I lost my Discover card this weekend, so I had to call and cancel it on Sunday. Last time this happened, they shipped it to me using DHL. For some reason, this time around it's coming by regular post. Weird.

Speaking of credit cards, I'm considering switching from Discover to a Southwest VISA. Apparently you get a point for every $1,200 you spend, meaning I'd earn about a half flight a year from my spending alone, and then add in any Southwest flights I take. I'm not sure if that makes up for the annual fee and being locked in to Southwest. My discover card doesn't get me a huge amount of rewards, but the cash back is much more flexible than Southwest points . . .
buzzed, B&W


Really? What are we teaching our youth these days? From an NPR story about children coping with war losses, Dakota Givens, a 10 years old who's father was killed in Iraq, said: "The bullies at my school would pick on me all the time and say, 'Your dad was a pussy. He died for no . . . reason.'"

The audio commentary on the story page puts this into a bit of context, when he mentions that it's other kids who's fathers are being deployed. I can see this as a bit of a coping mechanism, but Jesus . . . ripping into someone who's father has died serving our country is somehow seen as acceptable behavior?!?!