July 21st, 2007

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Old Stomping Grounds

So, I flew back to Ohio for my ten year reunion this weekend, and I've been trying to touch base with old friends, as well as visit some of my favorite places. I got in to Columbus at 6:00 AM EST Friday, before driving out to to Troy where I made a quick stop at the Waffle House, before running to my parent's empty house (they've recently bought a condo in Long Beach) to catch a quick nap. The quick nap turned into 4 hours, but whatever.

Then off to Cinci . . . for those of you who guessed my first stop was the Skyline on Ludlow, good for you. I wrote about how much I love this place about 1/5 down on this page. Lots of fond memories from the location, whether it be settling coney bets with Tim after soccer, late nights after the bars, etc. Four way, heavy onion, heavy spaghetti, and two cheese coneys, yes, yes, along with a mint on the way out. Swung by my alma mater afterwards, which has gone through some major construction since I've been gone. They've gone with a very modern glass and steel look for the new construction, and I really like it. Met up with Dave, and then Tom, and hung out with the guys for a bit. They're in slightly different places in their life, with both of them married (and Tom's expecting!), but still good times, though I felt a bit . . . "young" hanging out with them. Oh, and I got to have some LaRosa's as well. I didn't get to stop at the Indian places on Ludlow or Graeters, but a decent amount of Cinci food. For those of you who think I'm crazy for food being one of the highlights of my Cinci trip, you should note that you can have many of the local favorites shipped to you, so I'm not the only one who has fond memories. Anyway, stayed at Dave's, and had lunch with him, before heading back to Troy.

I'm sitting at Night Sky, a newer addition in Troy, enjoying some tea andeless. I used to hang out here a lot when I was substitute teaching.

Reunion's in a little less than two hours . . . should be interesting . . . not sure who'll be there . . .
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