June 3rd, 2007

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Online galleries

The free online photo galleries all have their limits. Flickr probably has the best feature set, but limits upload bytes/month, image size, and more importantly the total number of images in your account to 200. Photobucket limits you to 1 GB, doesn't have any of the neat features like tagging, and has a crappy web interface. Picasa has some nice features, but lacks tagging. The desktop client is okay, but as a power user, is a little annoying with it's non-standard dialog boxes. It's been said that strict interface guidelines are one reason Apple software is so user-friendly. Microsoft also has guidelines, but I can't seem to find them now . . . I'm really, really, why have a dialog box that say "Hide" rather than "Close" or "Cancel?"

Anyway, what I should do is get a server or some hosting to place my pictures online in a Gallery2 install, so I can have the fine grain control I desire.
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Barack In Reno

So, at the end of April I went and saw Hilary while she was in town. This past Thursday, I went and saw Barack. Two very different presentations - Hilary did more of a town hall style presentation, with some Q & A, while Barack's was strictly a rally. This allowed Hilary to have slightly more in depth answers, while Barack just superficially touched on issues, trying to work the crowd for cheers.

Looking back, I thought Barack was a stronger speaker than Hilary. I think much of this has to do with the fact that he embodies the traits I relate to leadership, more so than Hilary. There have been plenty of studies looking at the different leadership styles of men and women. For me, I tend to expect leaders to be confident, assertive, take-charge kind of folks. I got a stronger vibe of this from Barack than Hilary. Though, when it comes time to vote, my decision will be based upon their civil liberty positions, more than anything else.

It's pretty neat living in Nevada right now, with Harry Reid having risen to even greater prominence when the Democrats became the majority, and having the second Democratic primary in the nation (drawing in the candidates for many events).
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More pictures

Oh, I'm also uploading some pictures from the hot air balloon festival here in Reno, as well as my going away party in Helena to Picasa . . . upload should probably be done in the next half hour or so . . .