May 17th, 2007

buzzed, B&W

Bit by a dog

So, Tuesday night I went out to the park to play soccer. Wasn't sure if there'd be a game, but ran into a group of Hispanics playing, and joined their game. Anyway, there was a tall, white guy watching the game, and he had a little dog with him. Looked like some kind of terrier, and maybe 20 pounds max.

Anyway, the dog kept running onto the corner of the field, barking, and running away. Most of the guys out there would laugh at the dog, and dodge the hazard, hoping not to hurt it or themselves. I had the ball, dribbling to the corner, and then suddenly the dog bites me. I wouldn't think it was a big deal, except you'd think the dog owner would at that point either hold the dog or something to prevent such behavior, and perhaps apologize to me. Neither of these actions occur.

I ended up coming home and cleaning out the three puncture wounds in my calf with hydrogen peroxide, and throwing some Neosporin on, and thinking it was weird that the owner didn't take any responsibilities for his actions, and wishing I had said something to him about it.