June 5th, 2006

buzzed, B&W

Weekend Update

Overheard at SLC:
Teen/young adult girl: So are missionaries allowed to have MySpaces? Because a lot of them do . . .

Mormon missionary guy: Nope . . .
I wonder what the Church of LDS has against MySpace . . .

Anyway, was in Atlanta for my grandfather's birthday. He turned 91 on Sunday, and died a little more than 24 hours later. I wasn't super close to my grandfather as growing up, I only saw him twice a year (summers and Thanksgivings), and then once a year (just Thanksgivings), and most recently maybe every few years - I think the last time I saw him was for his 88th birthday.

I went to ATL mainly because my Dad had asked me to (and my step-mother offered to pay for the $800 ticket). Was an interesting experience - he was in a hospital bed at home, on oxygen when I got in Saturday evening. Not really conscious or aware of things and very emaciated. Sunday, probably about a dozen members from the church stopped by after service, dressed in their Sunday best, and they had a mini-service there, with prayer, hymnals, and some Korean traditions (i.e. chanting "99" in hopes that the person will live to be 99, and then chanting "2, 3, 4" around the hospital bed - this was explained to me as praying to quickly die, without suffering). This morning, he was moved to hospice, and they figured he was going to pass soon, so my uncle and aunt rescheduled their flights home. I really thought it would happen before I left this afternoon (2:30 PM EST), but apparently he went at a little after midnight - I didn't find out till I landed in Helena and checked my voice mail.

Anyway, good trip, even though I'm exhausted. (This whole EST to MST thing has got to stop . . . )