April 13th, 2006

buzzed, B&W

Raining Jane

So, SAVE (the local recycling group) had a fund raiser at Miller's last night, with Raining Jane and Jason DeShaw. (On a side note, why do bands feel the need to have splash pages before getting to a real page with any content?)

Jason DeShaw doesn't really do it for me, since I'm really not a big country fan, but I can respect that he seems reasonably talented. He's a local boy, so a lot of Carroll kids were out there. And by a lot, I mean there were definitely times it felt like I was at a college party in someone's basement with a band. Made me feel old too, since looking around, it's like "Really? There's no way they're 21 . . . "

Raining Jane was awesome. 4 women from Southern California that just rocked out. The lead vocalist, Chaska, has a pretty incredible voice and a pretty solid stage presence. Mai was pretty solid on the cello, which rounded out the tunes nicely. I remember watching her play, and being reminded of my friend Wes from high school. Her life doesn't sound that different, having played cello from when she was young, traveling to international music festivals, etc. (Wes is the only guy I've known who ever owned his own tux.) Mona did some nice hip-hop stylings from behind the drums, while Becky was just the quiet girl on the bass. Her bio mentions sitar . . . I didn't see any sitars . . .

They had a pretty eclectic sound, with some of their stuff reminding me of pre-Tragic Kingdom No Doubt, a bit of Joan Osborne, some Jewel . . .

The band bio mentions them opening for one of my favorite live acts, Reel Big Fish . . . that would have been a neat show. They've got some mp3 samples on their website . . .
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