February 24th, 2006

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Lazy Fridays

My position with the state is officially 32 hours/week, though I tend to work varying amounts. When I wasn't a gimp, I used to take Fridays off, and head up to Great Divide (which by the way sounds like the conditions are pretty good - 5" Tuesday, 4" Wednesday, and 6" last night . . . ). Now that I'm mobility impaired, I seem to have made a habit of stopping at Firetower on Friday afternoons after going into the office for a few hours in the morning.

Why Firetower? First and foremost, it's on my walk/hobble home. It's also got wireless, and it's got a pretty decent atmosphere. I know several people prefer the General Merc. Two very different experiences - the Merc has lots of nooks and crannies that you can hide in, while Firetower has a much warmer, more open feel.

Anyway, I kind of like this ritual of stopping in here Friday afternoons - I tend to waste time: I went a bit nuts with posting last Friday, and I spend lots of time on MySpace . . . it's kind of fun to just zone out and waste time while people watching.
buzzed, B&W


Ya know, I've been thinking and while the goal of getting up Mount Helena (5,462 ft) on crutches is a good one, I was thinking to myself last night Mount Ascension (5360 ft) might be a bit more realistic. The trail on Ascension is a bit wider, and doesn't have as many steep pushes.

Of course, when I mentioned this to Sarah, her response was: "Well, that's a good start . . . "