February 10th, 2006

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I can't wait for summer

So, today's snow report from Great Divide includes 3" of snow last night. Bleh. I can't wait till summer when my ankle is back to full strength.

I go to the orthopod in 45 minutes or so . . .
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Whoa, WOXY and it's transition to a subscription model made Slashdot.

A quick look through the comments shows that there are plenty of fans of WOXY, who are explaining to the people who are unfamiliar with WOXY what makes it unique:

  • Independently owned

  • Plays what they want to play, not what they're paid to play

  • Plays obscure stuff, and honors weird requests

  • Genuine DJs

  • They give health insurance to their DJs

I think it's interesting to note that their goal is to get 7000 members, which means monthly revenue of $70,000. Unfortunately, they're nowhere close.
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Positive outlook on things

So, I went in to the orthopod this morning, where the doctor said that even though the fracture in my fibula has caused some displacement, he didn't feel it was enough to warrant surgery. Definitely a plus. I took some pictures of the x-rays for my dad, as well as the bruising, and the cast. If you hang out with me to any significant degree, you can probably guess what color cast I got.

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I should note that while I am reasonably independent and don't like asking for help, I did cave and call the Renaissance that I'll be staying in last week, and Shannon for the days I'll be in Butte, to request handicap accessible rooms. I'm thinking it's a good idea to avoid the acrobatics I've been going through in the morning to get into my shower/tub (I'm just waiting for the rail to come off the shower door that I do my parallel bars act on . . . )
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