January 25th, 2006

buzzed, B&W


So, I took my snowboard in to get it waxed, and while I was at the store noticed there was a music store two doors down, so I decided to stop in and get some clarinet reeds. My parents brought my clarinet out when they were here in November, but I hadn't played it. Anyway, I get home and mess around with it for a bit, and I'm slightly surprised that I remember most of the fingerings - there was definitely some fumbling with some of the alternate/chromatic fingerings, but no big lapses. I guess I shouldn't be surprised in that I did play from fifth grade through my senior year in high school (though I didn't play my junior year). Not surprisingly, my embrochure was weak, so my jaw is a little sore even from the half hour or so I messed around, my breath support is nowhere near where it used to be, my tonguing is heavy, slow, and clumsy, and my right thumb is sore.

On an unrelated note, Jessica asked me today if I was dating anyone. Being my usual self, I dodged the question a bit, asking her back "I don't know, you tell me - who am I dating?" She dodged a bit to start, before asking if I was dating Kelly, then Mel, then Christine . . . funny stuff.