January 12th, 2006

buzzed, B&W

Bowling (but not for Columbine)

Apologies for the cross-posting (some of you have probably seen this in e-mail, MySpace, and now here).

On the weekend of January 28th/29th, I'll be participating in Big Brothers Big Sisters of Helena's Bowl for Kids' Sake. And right now, I'm asking for some sponsorship . . .

You have the option of sponsoring me through either a flat donation, or through a per pin donation (and you always have the option of not sponsoring me at all, but then I'd probably cry). As a point of reference, the last time I bowled was a year ago, and I think I scored in the low 100s.

Anyway, if you're interested in sponsoring me, please feel free to either e-mail back or contact me, and remember no donation is too small, whether it be the change in your pocket, or a penny/pin. (Of course, no donation is too large either - the kind of mentoring BB/BS provides for kids is pretty amazing.)