December 15th, 2005

buzzed, B&W


Argh, I wish I lived on the west coast somewhere . . . or maybe in England.

It's kind of interesting how things occur right after you talk about them. I was talking with Sarah and Tynille last night about how bands now use MySpace, and today I see a bulletin from the one band I have in my friends list, Reel Big Fish. Apparently, RBF is going to be on tour with Goldfinger again (just like the Crouching Fish, Hidden Finger tour back in 2001). Apparently it starts in Portland on January 5th, does some other dates in the Northwest (closest it comes is Boise, and that's without Goldfinger), and then a lot of UK dates.

Zebrahead is also on the tour, as is Bottom Line (I have no idea who they are?).

For those who don't know, RBF and Goldfinger are two of my favorite bands. Going through my concert history I've apparently seen RBF six times, and Goldfinger four times. There's probably some missing shows from that list as well (apparently I didn't list this show on the concert list)

Too bad . . .