December 3rd, 2005

buzzed, B&W


Okay, the intersection between MySpace and my real world is getting a bit weird. Mainly the people I have on my list are people I know in real life.

Last night at Miller's I saw this girl, and was thinking she looked familiar, and then realized it was because I'd seen her profile as she's listed as one of Shannon and Joe's friends. It probably helped that she was wearing the same shirt as in this picture.

Anyway, last night the band was pretty solid. They played a lot of covers with a few originals thrown in. Covers I was really getting into included songs by Bush, Green Day, and even Lit. The band saddened me a bit because people just weren't getting into them - they asked the crowd to jump and the crowd didn't get it, and I wanted to mosh to some of their stuff, but that's not going to happen at Miller's either . . . makes me miss the bigger cities I've lived in that have had bigger venues and things . . .