July 5th, 2005

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Long hike . . .

So, last time I tried to go to Crow Creek Falls, we didn't make it and ended up hiking around some of the hills in the area.

This time, Tony, Mel, and Christine went. I had gotten directions from a special section the IR ran last year.
There are two routes to Crow Creek Falls: The first, which is open to both hikers and those on horses, is to follow Trail 112 for approximately 1 mile to the Trail 134 trailhead. Trail 134 will take you the remaining 2 miles to the falls. While the second route, Trail 109, is not recommended for horses, it is considered the easiest for hikers; the trailhead for Trail 109, which leads hikers to the falls after approximately 3.5 miles, is just east of Eagle Guard Station.
Note that depending on which way you go, you're looking at 6 or 7 miles. We end up taking 112 to 134 (actually, you have to go on 101 for a bit first). We get to this sage meadow, and we can't see where to go, so we end up following the horse tracks, which apparently takes us on a slightly roundabout way to the falls. Hiking back out of the falls, the sign that marks trail 134 says it's 4 miles to Eagle Guard Station. So much for the IR's distances . . . we probably hiked close to 10 miles. I think Christine was going to die.

Anyway, I got some nice pictures:Anyway, a long day, but a good hike . . .
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