June 6th, 2005

buzzed, B&W

Random Articles

Some random articles I liked or that made me think . . .

First off, I really like PostSecret, and this article pretty much reflects why. There are some rather interesting postcards and secrets.

ClearChannel is evil. Apparently they've been running a fake pirate radio station, as they prepare to launch a "progressive talk" station. While I'm not surprised that ClearChannel is trying to astroturf, I think it's interesting that one of the first posts about how it was fake was in this WOXY message thread. Yea for independent radio and the community that WOXY has built!

Tony posted about Best In Class "an article about students fighting to be valedictorian including many cases where lawsuits were brought against the school system." One of his friends posts about how people took correspondence courses and things so they'd have less non-weighted classes, making their weighted classes count more for their GPA. While I didn't do that, I did play the game, taking summer school classes and using band as my fine arts elective (for some reason, band didn't count towards your GPA but art did). I ended up third in my class (mainly because I blew off my junior term paper).

The article isn't anything new, and Tony seems to like the idea of eliminating the titles. I on the other hand support the titles (and class ranks in general) because competition is a good thing. People are going to be ranked their whole lives, why should high school be an exception. Human nature is such that we automatically rank things, so why should grades be any different? Yes, the system is flawed. Kim, mentioned in the article, and one of Tony's friends from grad school, wrote about the flaws, and how current systems make it a game, while she'd prefer it be about "honor." While she does have a point, I know that my school had many other awards that were based on "honor." (Special awards for outstanding male and females of the graduating class, that were determined by committee, etc etc) Some things are formulaic, and valedictorian and salutatorian are one of those things. If any aspect of the valedictorian/salutatorian thing is to be chastised, perhaps it is how much emphasis our society places upon it.