April 18th, 2005

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Happy Birthday Tony!

So, today my brother reaches the quarter century mark.

It's pretty interesting to look back and see where people end up after 25 years . . . who would have ever thought he'd be living in California, working for a company that's on this newfangled Web thing that didn't really exist until 10-15 years ago . . .

Happy Birthday!
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buzzed, B&W

Spring Time

So, we had our first soccer game of the season tonight. It's been an interesting experience, since when Greg asked me to captain the team (his new job keeps him from being around enough to do so), I thought no big deal, I'll send out a couple e-mails, let people know when the games are, etc etc. Ended up I had to go to a couple meetings (which were painful), and then get sponsors for our team (which I'm still working on).

The game wasn't the greatest (I had two opportunities that I totally choked on, and I also let two get past me while I was in goal), but it was still a tied game, and it was still a lot of fun, as was our customary trip to Miller's afterwards.

While the weather wasn't spring yet (it was wet and cold), we're definitely getting there, with Alive@Five starting back up in a little over a month. Mmm . . . these last few months in Helena are going to be fun . . .

On another note, when I called Tony to wish him a happy birthday, he was talking about maybe coming out here before I was done, and trying to see if there was a big event. Fourth of July was what he was thinking, which I was thinking was the biggest event. A bit of research points out though that June 24th and 25th is the Bluegrass Festival, and July 15th-17th is the Mount Helena Music Festival, though the 15th is also Warped, which I think I'm going to go to for sure.