April 1st, 2005

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Bank error in your favor

So, I'm volunteering for the state tournament for Montana Destination Imagination. The tournament is in Bozeman, around 90 minutes from where I live in Helena. Heather, the affiliate director offered to put me up at her place, like she did last time, or the option to stay in a hotel, but I'd forego the $55 dollar stipend. I choose the latter, mainly because Heather was going to have another guest, and her converted farmhouse only has one bathroom.

I didn't know anything besides the fact that I was going to stay at the Days Inn Bozeman, which has free high speed internet, which is always a plus (and how I can post this now). I didn't know anything about my room, except when I met Heather earlier this evening for a pre-tournament meeting, she mentioned when she had called earlier in the week, they thought the rooms had been for April 2nd, not tonight, and they'd had to juggle rooms.

So, in the process, I get stuck in the king sized jacuzzi suite. Not a bad deal I'd say. When you come in the room, there's a little jacuzzi, and a TV in the entry room with two big chairs as well. There's a hallway, maybe 15 feet or so, where there's a long counter with sink and mirror, and the bathroom's on the right in the hallway. At the end of the hallway is the bedroom area with the king size bed, another TV, and a recliner.

Now, if only I had got here before 10:30 PM, and invited a friend or two along to take advantage of the room . . . and if I didn't have to be at the competition site by 8:00 AM. I had originally planned on trying to go to a bar, but by the time I got here, I just ran across the street and bought a 22 oz. bottle of Fat Tire. Yummy. I took a quick soak in the jacuzzi (which by the way was the first time I got to see a waterfall-style faucet in person - and I like them), and now I'm laying bed, and writing this post before I crash.

Ya know, now that I'm leaning towards loner mode, I want to post more, and I keep finding things I want to post about . . . I've got a backlog of things I've emailed myself to write about . . . *sighs*

This cover of Baby One More Time, that I'm listening to on woxy mini-banner, by Travis is actually pretty good (though Travis' website is a bit painful to navigate). Travis is also a part of the interesting UK anti-poverty project Make Poverty History, that has noble goals, and are probably doing a great job of raising awareness about the issue of poverty. Seems like a pretty well done grassroots-type campaign to get people to hold their political leaders responsible.
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