March 27th, 2005

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Sasquatch Hunt

So, yesterday was a busy day. First off, Kelly, Greg, and I went skiing/snowboarding. Talk about humbling. I thought skiing would be like riding a bike, so I'd just hop on some skis and I'd be as good as I used to be. No such luck there. I did a couple easy runs, felt pretty comfortable, so then went up the mountain with Kelly (who was also skiing) and spent a good 30 minutes falling down the mountain. Not pretty, and very frustrating. I ended up switching back to the board, and that wasn't bad, and I salvaged the day with a few good runs.

Last evening, the vast majority of the Helena VISTAs went out to Elliston for the Sasquatch Hunt. This is some silly event where they hide two big plastic Rainer bottles, and a guy in a bigfoot suit in the woods, and you run around trying to find them for various prizes. There are also balloons in the trees for you to get for various prizes. (I ended up getting 4 hats, a gift certificate for some pizza and beer, and some nice deerskin workgloves - definitely worth the $10 entry fee.) I went out there not expecting much, just a chance to run around in the woods, maybe get some loot, and that'd be all. I think a lot of the other people went in with much higher expectations as the event had been hyped pretty heavily. Being the cynic I usually am, I didn't buy into the hype, and just though I'd run around in the woods for a bit. I didn't get why people were getting so psyched up for it when from everything I'd heard it was about drunk people running around in the woods. What about that makes you think it's going to be one of the best nights ever?

Anyway, I had a good time last night . . . was nice and low key . . . we did the Sasquatch hunt, drove back to Helena, went to the Gold Bar, played some pool (and some damn good pool at that), and went home around midnight.
buzzed, B&W

Damn it

So, I thought I'd go to the office today to do some work . . . so I leave the apartment, and walk on over to my office. And what do I realize when I get there? My office key is not on my keychain! This is not a good thing . . .

In terms of other missing things, I'm not sure where my headlamp is . . .
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