October 1st, 2004

buzzed, B&W


So, I'm subscribed to this listserv, called VISTANet, that's for AmeriCorps*VISTA members, alumni, supporters, etc. Earlier this week, April wrote in asking for ideas for fundraising. Not an uncommon request on the listserv. Will wrote back suggesting that the directors take a pay cut, implying that salaries of 108k, 51k, and 56k for the top three director positions was excessive for a non-profit with a revenue of over $8 million. (This data is available for non-profits who file 990s at GuideStar). I wrote back suggesting that such compensation wasn't unusual, and it seemed like an attack. Apparently, Will thought this was a bit of an attack:
I do not know which is worse. You THINK this was an attack and not informational (already had one person ask how to find this info) or you would keep this "private" and quiet.

You are a shining example of VISTA-ness.
I didn't reply to this as I thought it was a pure troll, but many others took the bait. Stephanie took personal offense to Will, suggesting that he was "way out of line." Will responded with much anger, though not as much as this later post. Anyway, VISTANet turned into a soap opera for a bit, which was a bit silly, but did break up the monotony of the day sometimes.

Will's an interesting character though, having been let go from his former VISTA project, and he's got a site that aims to get revenge at them. Seems he's also got a bit of a vendetta against AmeriCorps, and he's been posting lots from the controversy last year that surrounded the funding cuts and bad bookkeeping. While he's linked to some decent articles, he also links to forums, which aren't always the best source.