September 1st, 2004

buzzed, B&W

In the beginning . . .

We got in last night - more like afternoon.

It's a cacophony of sights, sounds, people, art, and music. Wandering around, I feel detached, like an outsider. My inhibition, lack of approaching people makes me a sort of island, lost in this sea of wonder.

The dust is amazing - it's everywhere, sneaking into every nook and cranny imaginable.

Having been here less than 24 hours, there are so many things I wish I had brought: messenger bag, kites . . . okay, maybe not that much.

It'd be nice to do some aerial photography (the overview/big picture would be interesting).

My other big thought is who I would like to bring - not that I don't like Matt and Cal, but they're just so impressed by everything, while I'm just kind of taking it all in stride. Perhaps their attitude is better, but I like just seeing things, not feeling the need to share. Anyway, I think the first person that crosses my mind is Sadowski - she would love it and would fit right in. Tim's another person who would love the art and the whole experience. Tim's parents might even dig the whole experience. The only other people I could think of that might like this are Ev and Laurie. Hard to say since I don't know them that well.