July 24th, 2004

buzzed, B&W

Moving is expensive

So, I've been stocking my apartment (even though it's furnished, I had to get groceries, a folding table, desk chair, cleaning supplies, etc etc). Even with much thrifting I've spent probably close to 300 bucks. So much for the gambling winnings. I'm not really concerned, since I'm going to get some big checks for my relocation.

Anyway, nothing too exciting here. Spent most of today reading Hornby's About a Boy. I didn't realize there was a film adaptation of this available. I'll have to check it out sometime. Anyway, unlike High Fidelity, this one was very good. I think I might not have enjoyed High Fidelity as much since I saw the movie before reading the book. With About a Boy I read the first two chapters last night, and read the rest of it this afternoon. (Of course, maybe it's that I was just tired, and didn't feel like exploring Helena.)

Speaking of being tired, for some reason I've been extremely fatigued these last few days. I don't know if it's because I only slept 2 hours when driving from Springfield, MO to Helena, moving lots of stuff, or a two hour time change, but I've just been tired. It's weird. *shrugs*
buzzed, B&W


So, while I was buying a six of Fat Tire yesterday, I got carded. No big deal. The cashier is making some chit-chat asking if I get carded a lot, and when I respond in the affirmative, she says something about "yeah, us half people look young." I'm not sure what she meant - I think she was saying those of us of mixed "race." She looked Native American to me. While pondering the meaning, I thought it'd have been ironic if she meant that I was a half person since I was a minority, a second class citizen. Of course, that doesn't really fit in the context of the conversation, but it's much more interesting than her guessing that I was multi-racial . . .