July 13th, 2004

buzzed, B&W

The Perfect Score

Last night I watched The Perfect Score. An acquaintance of mine had tried to say that this movie would be this generations The Breakfast Club. In some ways, there were many similarities - a group of high school teens who wouldn't usually hang out together are brought together and go through a metamorphosis together. They all learn valuable lessons about themselves, their roles in society, and a bit of matchmaking as well. Only thing is in Breakfast it doesn't feel like you've been beat over the head to drive the lessons home.

It also suffered a bit from a duality, with the beginning of the movie, the characters talking about why they want to steal the SAT answers - with reasons ranging from standardized tests being biased, that standardized tests don't reflect individuals, and a whole plethora of ideas as to why SATs shouldn't be used. Nothing new here, but once they get past that part, the movie switches to the Breakfast-esque series of hijinks in stealing the test.

I don't know, I feel the movie had a lot of potential, but instead it got made into a standard teen flick - still entertaining, but it could have been so much more . . .