July 12th, 2004

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Man, Firefox is getting slicker and slicker. I finally upgraded to 0.9 (I had been delaying as 0.8 was good enough, and some extensions don't work with the new extension system.) The transition was reasonably smooth - as far as I can tell all my extensions are working, but some aren't technically supported by the extension manager.

While I was at it, I checked out a nightly branch build. The new find toolbar and livemarks are pretty slick. Some images of the features are here. All of this was originally prompted by my avoiding packing, and a comment on slashdot. I had no idea what livemarks were - and google wasn't much help. I eventually found those above mentioned screenshots, but then thought I'd check it out.

They're pretty slick - livemarks are a special type of bookmark, that points to an rss feed. In your bookmarks, they show up as a folder, but the neat part is that the bookmarks in that folder are updated to match the headlines in the rss feed.

The find toolbar is kind of slick too, manly because the highlight functionality. I'm not sure if I'd use it as I mainly use find as you type. Might be useful for big picture type stuff.

Anyway, I settled upon the official 0.9.2 release, as the nightly wasn't quite there (didn't like my extensions, nor my theme).
buzzed, B&W


Argh, I give up. I've been trying to get AWStats working for quite a while, within the Gentoo framework. For those who don't know, for web applications, Gentoo has added a layer beyond portage, mainly to accomodate virtual hosts. This package is called webapp-config. It works by downloading the packages to one location (/usr/share/webapps) and then you run webapp-config, with options telling it what vhost and directory you want the webapp installed to. It tries to minimize redundancy by symlinking to most files.

And that's where I hran into problems - I've spent probably 4-5 hours trying to get the damn thing to work, but no matter how I changed my Apache conf and .htaccess files, I kept getting error messages about not being allowed to follow symlinks. I could probably have got it to work if I just installed it manually, but like I said, I wanted to use Gentoo's framework.

I got Webalizer and Analog with Report Magic working in probably 15 minutes each.
buzzed, B&W

Music Update

So, I went and saw Reel Big Fish on July 1st. I'm mainly mentioning this here so I remember who all I saw. When my brother and I went to Skyline this past weekend, the waitress asked if I had been to the Rx Bandits show, at which point I tried to remember all the other bands that opened. I remembered Catch 22 and Suburban Legends, but I forgot Lucky Boys Confusion.Anyway, a great show where I got to hear some new bands.

Other bands I like are up to :