June 23rd, 2004

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Bleh, I keep letting Dan sucker me into debates over stupid stuff. Like today, Dan was all jazzed up about the Airport Express. I concurred that it was pretty cool, but I liked it because it can stream music. Dan seemed hung up on the small form factor, so I mentioned there are other products out there that act as repeaters and WAPs in a small package. Anyway, even though the diagram show it acting as a WAP when plugged in to a router, Dan didn't believe it did because there was no image showing the back of the device. So, being the sucker that I am, I spent the last hour or so looking for reviews and things that point out that yes, it does work as a WAP, and that yes, it can plug into a router using a standard patch cable with RJ-45 connectors.

On a side note, I was surprised that this is the only mainstream repeater out there. I realize that many of the Linksys WAPs can be set up as repeaters, but I didn't realize there weren't many stand-alone repeaters out there.

Neither device is very functional as a repeater either in that they only claim to work with their own hardware. I also don't see myself justifying the purchase of such a device. I don't need a portable WAP - maybe if I was a road warrior who stayed in lots of hotels and paid the $10 a day Wayport fees, and then wanted to use my laptop wireless in my hotel room. I'd imagine a 10$ patch cable would cover the room just as well. Not to mention that lots of hotels have wireless now. Anyway, I still think the Express is nice in that it streams music (the print server does nothing for me).

Blah, and by posting this I'm perpetuating it even longer . . . even after I said to Dan "I'm done" . . . silly me . . . *resolves to refrain from such behavior in the future*
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Oh, I guess the one use I could see for such devices as mentioned in my previous post would be to penetrate intranets, similar to this proposed Dreamcast scheme . . . though using one of these WAPs would be a little bit trickier in that you'd have to remain close to the building/network you penetrated . . .
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Helena, Montana

So, I've been researching Helena a bit as it looks like I'll be moving there for another year with AmeriCorps. Yahoo has these stats. Now, does anyone find it weird that the median age is 19.4 years and that the median income is $4,864? Looks like it's a city of loners too . . . though they appear to be highly educated. I find it odd that 80.6% have college degrees or better, but only 68.3% are working "white" collar jobs. I wonder how many people who get degrees end up working "blue" collar jobs?

The culture index of 62.0 is a bit scary, though I'm not sure how much value to attach to that figure when Troy's is 109.

Edit (6/30/2004@11:35PM EST): Fixed link
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Helena, Part II

Oh, I should point out that last post was slightly tongue in cheek, pointing out that those stats are probably wrong . . . More sane statistics (comparing Troy to Helena) are here . . .