June 8th, 2004

buzzed, B&W

Super Size Me

So I just got back from watching Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me. It's pretty obvious now why he's been compared to Micheal Moore of Bowling for Columbine, and now Fahrenheit 9/11 fame/infamy. Spurlock definitely takes a position and stands behind it.

There are some amusing tidbits as he does street interviews and no one knows what a calorie is or talks to 1st graders and none recognized the standard artistic rendition of Jesus Christ. (One student even guesses that it's Dubya.) Of course, while the calorie part was humorous, it also pointed out how much of a dork I am as I listened and the woman said it's the amount of heat to raise a liter of water 1 degree Celsius, and I was thinking, "no, that's really a kCal, which is what food calories are measured in . . . "

Still, Spurlock's work is interesting, if nothing particularly unexpected - eating McDonald's for 30 days straight results in weight gain and rising cholestoral. It was surprising how much abuse the liver took. I'd recommend the film to anyone, but don't be a dork about it and walk away from it thinking that his position is the end all, be all. Like anything else, you need to go in with a critical view point.

On a side note, it was amazing how hungry the film made me (probably didn't help that I hadn't eaten all day). I kept seeing him eating his Big Macs and Quarter Pounders and thinking they looked so good. Oh, the one thing I didn't realize was just how much he ate at McDonald's. I was under the impression that he limited himself to the value meals, but in most of the scenes it appeared he had a shake, a parfait, a sundae, etc along with the value meal.

Oh, and he only got asked to Super Size it 9 times during the whole month. Weird.