April 14th, 2004

buzzed, B&W

CD Giveaway

So, WOXY is giving away 700 CDs. Seems like they're planning on going completely digital as they prepare to become an internet only station, so they want to get rid of the CDs. Note you do have to register on their site, and the odds of winning probably aren't very good.
buzzed, B&W

Laptop Battery

Okay, so today, I stuck my laptop in standby as I was leaving to go sub. I went to the coffee shop after work, and when I turned it on, the amber light indicate a low battery was on. I thought this was odd, and attributed it to my maybe not putting the laptop in standby and it "sleeping" all day. Anyway, I use the laptop for about 90 minutes, while it's plugged in at the coffee shop, and before I leave I press the battery button indicator. Only one of the 4 lights comes on. Windows XP on the other hand believes the battery is at 100%.

So I get home and notice that the BIOS on my computer believes the laptop is at 3% (Fn-F3 brings up a screen overlay battery meter, which I assume is a low level BIOS function.) Now, after mentioning this to my brother, he points out I could run the learn utility in the BIOS for the battery, which I do, but nothing has changed. I'm still only getting 1/4 indicators on the battery itself, and the BIOS is stating my battery is at 2%, and XP still thinks the battery is at 99% (though it isn't estimating battery life in minutes as it usually does.) Right now my gut is some circuit shorted on the battery, and it's still charging, just not sending out good information. (The fact that when I ran the learn program the capacity before completing the learn cycling was -37 mWh, and after it was something like -572 mWh would suggest this as well.) Weird.